Home of the IT&C Business
The needs and expectations of our clients have always priority. Our goal is to offer high standards and unquestionable services.
HIT Park invites you to explore the opportunities that it has to offer.


HIT Park offers all the necessary utilities for running your business in the best conditions:

  • Air-conditioning 
  • Stable electricity
  • Gas
  • High speed data transmission channels (optic fibre and radio)
  • Flexible internet services
  • Optic fibre internal network structure


HIT Park has a 10 Mbs internet connection, full dual connection with USA and 150 Mbs in the metropolitan network. The basic connection is on optic fibre having two backup connections of equal capacity on radio system. The basic internet connection can be upgraded up to 100 Mbs.

HIT Park also has a structured network on optic fibre with an option of dynamic set up of the band between 64 kbs and 2048 kbs for each computer, with upgrade possibilities up to 10 Mbs.