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Being a company with activities in the software industry, we were looking for a location that could offer the optimal conditions for developing such a business. After multiple searches on the internet, we found more locations, among which was also HIT Park. We came here for a visit and what we found at HIT Park convinced us that this was the place for our business. The infrastructure, all the utilities that we needed, the price for rent, high speed internet connection (essential for our business), generous office spaces, clean and well taken care of, possibilities for future expansions, all these things determined us to bring our business to HIT Park.

So, starting with June 2011, we are HIT Park clients. Here we met a very professional management team, client oriented and very helpful in solving any problems or concerns from our side.

We are HIT Park clients for almost one year and we have made a very good choice when we decided to rent office spaces here. (11th of April 2012)




Nick Vercruyssen
CEO - ISS Workforce

We are one of the former clients of HIT Park, our company rented an office here in 2008, meanwhile we rented  another one, then we moved into another building where we still occupy the entire ground floor. We are clients of HIT Park for four years, the area rented by us is larger than the one we had when we first came here in 2008, which denotes that we are happy at HIT Park and we are pleased with the conditions offered to us. (16th of April 2012)


Stelian Anghel
Geologist, Interdevelopment

We are clients of HIT Park since May 2011. We knew this location very well because one year before we made a market research to see where we would find the best conditions for our business and we visited HIT Park as well together with the vice mayor of Hemeius. Ever since that visit we knew that when the moment would come to rent an office HIT Park would be the most suitable location for us because it fulfilled all our requirements, plus the advantageous rent prices compared with the ones found in Bacău.

Even though HIT Park is 9 km away from Bacău city and this might be seen as a slight disadvantage by some companies, for us it is an advantage because it keeps us away from the crowded city and it is a location easy to remember and locate when our potential clients ask us where we have our office.

We are satisfied with the choice we have made and for the future we might expand and rent another office. (04.04.2012)


Sonia Caragea
General Manager Laborvet

"HIT Park is very well designed, very well built.(...) The hard part passed, now the hardest part begins regarding what is going to happen here...It is very difficult to get to this level, it is very hard to keep up at the same level.(...) Moldova area has very good programmers, it is not just a saying, it is a reality, a measurable reality. The majority of programmers coming from Romania that work for Microsoft are natives from Moldova area and formed at Iasi University..." (1st of November 2005 - The opening of HIT Park)



Varujan Pambuccian
President of the IT Committee from the Deputy Chamber - 2005

"The investment is welcomed in an area with an important economical potential...(...) I am convinced that the proactive management of HIT Park will succeed and I am expecting the IT industry to flourish here in Bacau. (...) HIT Park Hemeius completes the activity of the Technological Park from Iasi (Tehnopolis), which is mainly concentrated on research. These are two initiatives that complete each other in this region. (...) HIT Park must have an attractive effect for investors from the area, it is a process  that will resemble a snowball and we will see its results on long term." (1st of November 2005 - The opening of HIT Park)

Jonathan Scheele
Head of the European Committee Delegation in Romania

”With this Park and its extension, with the IT, with the software and intellectual property and everything that was said here, you can bring in the county lots of money, all you have to do is to concentrate yourselves a little in this direction...(...)In the company that I run, from approximately 100 employees, 20 come from your area..." (1st of November 2005 - The opening of HIT Park)


Radu Georgescu
President GeCAD Company